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If there’s only room for one resolution, chose this one.

Every New Year, thousands of people decide on the things they’ll achieve, to make THIS year, the best ever.

Whether you want to give up smoking, get fit, start a business, or even just be a better person, there’s one habit that makes all that possible…. allocating TIME.

Without time, none of your dreams, or aspirations will ever come to pass.

To become a master of anything, you first have to become a master of your time.

One of the major problems in today’s ‘always connected’ world, is making time for the important things.

We go online with the best of intentions to do something good, yet in a few short minutes we’re watching the latest calamity on YouTube, of peering into our Friends’ lives on Facebook, or Instagram.

If we’re not online, we’re binge watching our latest find on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime!

For me, the biggest problem is my Wife. (Okay, it isn’t really, but it feels good to blame someone else for my own weaknesses!)

You see, now that our Children have all grown up and moved out, we decided to downsize.

As a result, the room I had as my home office doesn’t exist anymore. My ‘office’ is now the living room.

Now, my Wife’s disabled, and has become great friends with Netflix. As much as I (initially) don’t want to, I get drawn in. That’s why it’s HER fault 🙂

Anyway, the point of that story, is that we all have excuses for why we don’t have enough time. (And It’s even better, if we can blame someone else for it, isn’t it?)

A new way of thinking

But, recently, I read a post from Scott Allan, about investing your time and it made so much sense, I just had to write about it here.

I’m going to paraphrase one analogy he makes……

Let’s say I gave you twenty dollars and told you that you could do anything you wanted with it. What would you do? …..

Now, what if I told you to keep this money until next week, without spending it? If you do, I’ll double it and give you forty dollars. What would you do with it now? …..

You know that, if you spend it, it’s gone forever, and you will get something worth the same amount or less than the twenty dollars. It would be gone and that is it. If you held on to it, however, and your money was doubling every week, imagine how far this money would go after just one year.

Now, replace the twenty dollars with one hour of time. Imagine now that, for every hard-earned hour you invested in the success of your life, you were rewarded with ten hours of leisure time to be spent in any way you like. Would you be interested?

The segment above is just a tiny slice of the whole pie and you should really go read it for yourself once you’ve finished here.

My goal for the next couple weeks? set myself an area, in another room, away from the draw of the TV.

That three hours every evening that gets eaten up with Netflix, is 21 hours per week, or 1092 hours per year. That’s six and a half months of 40hr weeks!

Just imaging the things you could do with all that ‘extra’ time

The lesson

Time is definitely our most precious resource. Each second, only happens once and when it’s gone, there’s no getting it back.

By investing our time in ourselves first, reaching our pinnacle of achievement becomes much more manageable.

So, if you really are looking for a resolution that trumps all the others…. learn to schedule you time. Make sure that “I’ve always got so many things going on”, isn’t really “I’ve always got so many distractions going on”.

Once you remove the distractions, there’ll be plenty of time for the good stuff!

Are you a master of your time?, or just a apprentice?

Maybe one of your goals for this year is to binge watch every season of Orange Is the New Black, or The Haunting of Hill House, So you don’t think TV is a waste of precious time?

Let me know your tips, tricks, or thoughts in the comments.






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