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In my opinion, one of the best habits, is to keep a journal. It’s a great way to look back at your prior achievements and boost your confidence in your ability to achieve things.

The biggest problem with that, is it’s sometimes hard to find the time. The ‘One Sentence Journal‘ is the answer.

The premise is simple. Each day, you answer three questions. Each question requires a one sentence answer.

note book journal imageAnd another benefit of this type of journal, is you can use a simple note book.

Open your note book and put the date at the top.

Each day answer the following questions…..

  1. What went well today?
  2. What can I improve?
  3. What am I grateful for?

See, simple right 🙂

I’ll break it down for you and give you examples, to make it even simpler. And, if you don’t have a notebook, you can download a free worksheet right here!


What went well today?

Success is cumulative. Every small success you enjoy, builds a history of you being successful.

All okay imageI know you probably don’t think you have any successes in your life. But it’s generally your understanding of what a success is, that needs to be addressed.

Did you get up this morning as soon as the alarm went off? Did you, despite all the usual stress and last minute ‘missing’ car keys, still get to work on time this morning?

Both of these things are successes. Both are things that went well today.

The second example, of the missing keys might at first seem like something that absolutely didn’t go well. But, given the reframe, it becomes a positive. Despite all the bad things that happened, you were still able to get to work on time.


What can I improve?

What happened today, that with a small change, probably wouldn’t happen again?
upgrade imageOr, what could you do to make a single aspect of your daily life a little easier?

You could for example, put up a key hook, so you always know where your keys are. That would reduce your stress a little bit, because you wouldn’t have to search for your keys in the morning.


What am I grateful for?

Gratefulness is a wonderful habit.

It’s very difficult to motivate yourself every day, if you feel like you’ve got nothing to be happy about.

When you’ve got loads of things to be happy about, even a bad day, can be a good one.

Some examples…

Be thankful imageAre you homeless? I’m going to guess you’re not. Think about how many thousands of people would be overjoyed to live where you do.

Are you in a loving relationship? There are again thousands of people living in shelters, or suffering through violent relationships.

Do you have food to eat every day? Do you have access to medical care? Do you have someone who loves you? Are you able to have Children? Can you walk? Are you reletively healthy?……

This list could go on forever. But, I’m sure you get the idea.

There are so many things we have, that hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people wish they had. Yet, we take these things for granted..

We don’t give them a second thought.

You’ll be surprised how much difference taking a few moments to record these things makes. Happiness, Success, Self-confidence, etc. they’re all cumulative.

The more you practice these things, the easier it gets to do them without thinking.



In the past, if you wanted to keep a journal, it could take a substantial part of your free time. Using this one sentence system, anyone can keep a powerful, yet easy to maintain journal.

To make the process easier, be mindful of the events that happen during your day. With practice, you’ll start to recognize important things easily.

I’ve said before, it’s much easier to build a new habit, if you link it to one you’ve already got. So, if possible, think of an activity you do every evening and use that as a trigger for this new journal keeping habit.


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