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5 Things You Need to Remember About Social Anxiety Disorder

  I know that social anxiety can be devastating. I struggled for years, ‘knowing’ that this was me forever. But, there are ways to beat it and you can start right here. When I first started out on my quest to crush my own social anxiety, I took the Liebowitz Social Anxiety test. My initial…

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Motivate Yourself to Kick Social Anxiety to the Kerb

  Hi guys. We all know that social anxiety is a pain in the ass. It stops us doing the things we’d really like to do, as well as things that could make a huge difference to our lives. This article will give you a boost when you’re feeling crappy about an up-coming event, or…

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Don’t Let Social Anxiety Stop You Enjoying Life

The Problem Today, I’d like to talk about the restrictions Social Anxiety puts on us and ask, “Is it worth the trouble?” After all,¬†everyone, at the end of their life, goes through a period when they look back and have regrets. But they’re always about things they DIDN’T do! No one ever says “I wish…

Is WOOP the New SMART?

SMART Goals are a Winner! As you know, I’ve been a strong proponent of the SMART strategy when it comes to Goal Setting. In case you haven’t heard of SMART, it stands for ‘Specific’, ‘Measurable’ ‘Actionable’ (or attainable), ‘Realistic’ (or relevant) and ‘Timely’ (or time dependent). I’ve recently, read a fantastically powerful book by Gabriele…

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Does WOOP Mean The End of SMART Goal Setting?

No doubt you’ve heard about SMART Goal setting? If not, it’s a strategy for setting goals that’s been used for years to increase your chances of success. The S is for Specific, M is¬† for Measurable, A is for Achievable (or Actionable), R is for Realistic (or Relevant) and the T is for Timely (or…

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Monday Motivation – Do It Today!

  Often we give up on goals, or dreams shortly after we’ve set them. There could be many reasons for that; lack of free time, an unexpected illness, responsibilities, etc. Unfortunately though, many times it’s simply because we believe those dreams are just too big, or to difficult to achieve quickly enough. How many times…

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