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Setting some realistic goals

Welcome back!

In the first instalment, we discussed ways to analyse and understand where your life is at the moment. Then you identified the areas that were enjoyable to you. And those that were maybe used as a means-to-an-end, or weren’t as enjoyable as you first thought.

In this section we’re going to to start moving your life forward in positive ways. We’ll begin by finding ways for you to grow as a person. Soon, the person you become will improve the lives of everyone around you as well.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, people don’t usually set goals in their life to get ‘things‘. Don’t get me wrong, having things is fantastic. Although, the greater benefit from reaching your goals, is being the kind of person who is capable of achieving them.

Money is a very good example of this. Let’s say, you set a goal, to be earning  $150,000 pa, within three years. And currently,  you’re annual earnings are only £30,000.

If in three years you’re earning $150,000, you’ve already become accustomed to that increase in wealth and your mind says… “is this all there is?

be a successful person imageThe power and drive in reaching that goal, isn’t in having a salary of $150,000. But in the fact that you’ve grown into the sort of person that can change their destiny purely by having a strong belief system and constantly taking action in the direction of your goal. That is the power of goal setting for a fulfilling future.

So, in the absence of a detailed goal setting workshop, the first thing I’ll say is that setting goals is like anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

EDIT: I’m in the middle of preparing a short goal setting course, so stay tuned 🙂


Beginning your journey

The way I suggest you begin your journey is to think about three things

  1. Choose a 1-3 year ‘thing’ goal, something you want to own. eg new TV, or new car, etc.
  2. Pick a 1-3 year ‘personal’ goal, something you want to achieve. eg learn to sing, or learn a new language, etc.
  3. And, a 1-3 year ‘financial’ goal. An amount you want to earn, or save, or donate, etc.

setting goals imageWrite each of them down on a separate piece of paper, then underneath each one write as many things as possible that you could do to set you on the path of achieving that goal. (If you’d like to download a free set of work sheets, the basic ones are available for free by CLICKING HERE.)

You see, the mistake many people make, is that they set a goal, but don’t have any plan to achieve it.

If you’re mind doesn’t know which direction to go in, it can’t possibly reach the target, unless of course you’re very lucky and circumstance assists you.

So, you have your list of ‘steps’ to achieving your goal, the next thing is to sort them into timespan – I’ll give you a simplified example;

Goal: Buy a new car in three years time.

Step 1:

Spend one hour online checking the three cars I like, then deciding which one I’m going to have. (note the positivity? convincing your mind that you are going to have it, is much more helpful than believing you’d like to have it)

Step 2:
Order a brochure from the dealership

Step 3:
Have the bank transfer $150 to my saving account every month.

Step 4:
Arrange a test drive (to boost my commitment)

Step 5:
Hire one of these cars for a day.

Step 6:
As soon as I’ve saved enough for the deposit, go buy it!

Obviously this list will be different from yours, and your list isn’t the end point. Now you have a list, you need to check that they’re SMART.

If you’ve not heard of SMART before, or you need more help, you can download my workbook from the store. It’s $1.47, or free if you join our growing community and contains everything you’ll need.

If you do this for each of your three goals, you’ll have a written plan for their achievement and a list of smaller goals that you can complete along the way.

Every achieved step boosts you confidence and takes you that little bit closer.

The last thing I’ll say in this section, is that I believe that there’s power in momentum and you should do something right now to set you on the path to achieving one, or more of your three goals.

Let me know, in the comments, if you have any questions and I’d be really pleased to find out how you’re doing with it. See you for part three shortly 😉




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