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We all know how important regular exercise is to our general health and well-being. But, for many of us, finding the time, what with everything else we have to do each day, is next to impossible.

This article will give you some simple, yet powerful ways to bring physical activity into your life regularly. Each set only takes about 10 minutes, so there’s no excuse for not having the time 🙂

What type of exercise should I do?

Different people, have different views on what exercise should be.

For some, a gentle stroll along the river every evening is an ideal form of exercise. For others, it’s not exercise unless they get their heart rate up to 120bpm, for at least five minutes, or burn at least 1000 calories.

That’s what makes recommendation articles on physical activity, such a difficult proposition for most sites.

So, what I’m going to do here, is break it down into several areas…

  • Beginners
  • Average
  • Advanced
  • Alternatives

Hopefully, you’ll find something that suits you in one of these sections. Always remember though, never start to exercise unless you’ve warmed up your muscles first! Make sure you stretch out and get your muscles moving before you start.



If you’re just starting out on your fitness drive, pace yourself. If you go into it ‘all guns blazing’, don’t expect to keep it up very long. Your brain doesn’t like pain (physical, or mental), even if you think the final outcome will be worth it. Very quickly you could find yourself losing momentum.

Start off slowly, you can always build up later.

In the following video, Maddie Lymburner takes you through 10 simple exercises, each one only takes a minute to do. Then, if you like this type of exercise, you can find more examples by clicking here.

None of the routines are particularly difficult to do for the average person. But, if you do find any of them a struggle, miss those ones out. After all, the purpose is to improve your fitness and health, not cause you a strain, or injury.


Average (non-beginner)

If you’ve been exercising for a while, but you’re finding that more and more often you don’t have time, this is for you.

Again, I’ve tried to stay to a 10 minute workout, but this time it’s a little more energetic.

This video from Heart and Soul Fitness, again takes only 10 minutes, but introduces some cardio exercises into the mix.

HASfit have a smartphone app, for both the Android and iPhone as well. Now there’s no excuse not to have the perfect workout with you, wherever you are.



This one is for the more advanced, or enthusiastic among you. It involves a lot of cardio, and can still be done in 10 minutes.

You can get more examples here.


Alternative exercises

I realise that not everyone is going to be able to do these exercises. You may have some type of disability, or due to injury, illness, etc. or like me, good old fashioned age related issues, you just can’t manage things like this any more.

All is not lost.

Simple things like a steady walk for 10 minutes, can be just has helpful1.

If you’re not up to walking, then cycling, or swimming, even for 10 minutes can have a huge impact on your health over time.

The trick is consistency. It needn’t be every day, just make sure it’s regular and that you schedule it.


And finally…..

Just in case you thought that your current situation means you’re not able to exercise, take a look at the following videos.

The first one is a series of exercises for people who need to remain seated during their exercise routine. The second, is of a 95 year old fitness instructor giving a lesson. And finally, the third one is a routine especially developed for quadriplegics/tetraplegics.

If they can do it, with their difficulties, so can you 🙂

If you have a particular routine, or series of exercises you do, share them with the community. You can do that either by sharing in the comments below, or in the Community facebook Group.


  1. A study from the Boston University, has found that short bursts of exercise, including household tasks such as cleaning and mowing the grass, can be as healthy as more lengthy exercise.

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