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10 Minute Miracles

It’s been a while, but I think it’s time to bring back the ever popular ‘Bite Sized’ tips to the blog.

Bite sized tips are exactly that. Small, easy to digest tips, or exercises for you to act on immediately.

Most’ll take about 10 minutes, so that means you’ll always have time for them!


Time to Begin

So, to start us off, how about we look at one of the biggest issues for all anxiety sufferers…. Limiting Beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are things we unconsciously believe about ourselves, that hold us back from doing things we’d like to do.

eg: “there’s no point me going to that party, No one likes me, so I’d just be in the way.” or “It’s no use trying to ask a girl for a date, I always get ‘tongue tied’ and look stupid.”

So, your exercise for today is to grab a note book, then write down 3 limiting beliefs you have. 3 negative things you find yourself saying (or thinking), when you get the opportunity to do something new, or exciting.

Once you’ve got your 3 things, think about what you’d like to believe instead. Write those down underneath.

Now, for a few minutes, think about what you would have to do, for these new beliefs to come true.

Then finally, start to take some action to get there. Maybe you need to set some SMART goals, or maybe just try some WOOPs.

If 3 seems to much, try with 1 to begin with and see how that goes first, then upscale when you feel more confident.

The one thing to remember is that ‘Action is Power’. As with anything, you can have the best of intentions, but without action, nothing changes. So, do something, do anything towards your change today.

The Source

Hopefully, you’ll like the immediacy of these quick and simple exercises. Some of the ideas for these tips come courtesy of the incredibly popular book: 365 Steps to Self-Confidence: A Complete Programme for Personal Transformation – In Just a Few Minutes a Day. by David Lawrence Preston. It’s now in it’s 4th edition and gets better every time.

And don’t forget, let me know if I can help in any way.

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