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Change Your Limiting Beliefs

  10 Minute Miracles It’s been a while, but I think it’s time to bring back the ever popular ‘Bite Sized’ tips to the blog. Bite sized tips are exactly that. Small, easy to digest tips, or exercises for you to act on immediately. Most’ll take about 10 minutes, so that means you’ll always have…

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5 Tips to Help You Get A Date When You Have Social Anxiety

It’s that time of year again, St Valentine’s day. The one day of the year when you’d love to have the courage to ask the object of your desire for a date. But, just when you think you might be able to confront your fears, your heart starts pumping, the adrenaline begins to flow freely…

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10 Tips to Help Build Your Self-Confidence

Great improvements to your self confidence can be made by taking small steps. I’ve listed below 10 simple things you can do every day that will guarantee a boost in confidence.   1. Start a Journal: There are many free journaling programs available online. My personal favorite, simply as a journal, is RedNotebook, but any…

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Surefire Ways to Kill Your Need for Constant Validation

Just The Way It Is I used to be just like you! Constantly trying to please everyone, just in case they’d hate me if I didn’t! The reason we do it is obvious, isn’t it? The only way we can be worthy of anything at all is if other people make us feel worthy. Without…

Give Yourself A Happy Christmas

Christmas seems to come around more quickly every year. Like many people, you’ve probable spent weeks preparing for the most stressful day of the year. All that stress and worry for a day that comes and goes before you know it! Everyone around you is hyped up, ready to enjoy the holiday festivities, but for…

Be Your Own Cheerleader – Bite Size Tips

This weeks tip is to be your own cheerleader. Our reality is based upon our thought processes. As I’ve mentioned many times before; you get what you focus on. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re a failure, you’ll continue to see more failure in your life. Your mind always tries its hardest to prove…

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