improve your life in 7 days

How to Improve Your life in 7 Days

What can empower us to have an excellent life, even in the event of uncertainty?

Over the next few paragraphs, I’ll walk you through the steps to become the happiest and best version of yourself .

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Be Your Own Cheerleader

If you want a habit that’ll really change your life, then be your own cheerleader. Your reality is based on your thought processes. You’ll always get more of what you focus on. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re a failure, you’ll continue to see more failure in your life. Your mind always tries its hardest…

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5 Habits to Increase Your Self-Belief

  Why do so many people struggle with self-belief? After all, you’re the only one who can decide what you’re capable of, so you’re the only one you need to convince. Now, you won’t always be good at everything as soon as you start doing it, but if you don’t start, you’ll never be any…

Can Google Duplex Reduce Social Anxiety?

Google Duplex is the under-development AI from the search engine giant. It’s designed to make phone calls on a person’s behalf and although it’s still in development, it has great potential. If you’re uncomfortable speaking with people on the phone, this could be the answer to your prayers. Obviously, we won’t know how successful it’ll…

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Why Do So Many Celebrities Suffer From Social Anxiety?

  Celebrity Social Anxiety Did you know that Social Anxiety Disorder affects hundreds of actors and musicians around the World? Some of our most famous celebrities have struggled with the devastating effects of this disorder. Many people believe that actors, musicians, etc. become socially phobic during the course of their careers, and that’s why some…

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