Can Google Duplex Reduce Social Anxiety?

Google Duplex is the under-development AI from the search engine giant. It’s designed to make phone calls on a person’s behalf and although it’s still in development, it has great potential. If you’re uncomfortable speaking with people on the phone, this could be the answer to your prayers. Obviously, we won’t know how successful it’ll…

celebrities with social anxiety

Why Do So Many Celebrities Suffer From Social Anxiety?

  Celebrity Social Anxiety Did you know that Social Anxiety Disorder affects hundreds of actors and musicians around the World? Some of our most famous celebrities have struggled with the devastating effects of this disorder. Many people believe that actors, musicians, etc. become socially phobic during the course of their careers, and that’s why some…

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5 Things You Need to Remember About Social Anxiety Disorder

  I know that social anxiety can be devastating. I struggled for years, ‘knowing’ that this was me forever. But, there are ways to beat it and you can start right here. When I first started out on my quest to crush my own social anxiety, I took the Liebowitz Social Anxiety test. My initial…

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Motivate Yourself to Kick Social Anxiety to the Kerb

  Hi guys. We all know that social anxiety is a pain in the ass. It stops us doing the things we’d really like to do, as well as things that could make a huge difference to our lives. This article will give you a boost when you’re feeling crappy about an up-coming event, or…

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5 Tips to Help Beat Social Anxiety

Just in case you didn’t get the chance to pop in last week, this article carries on from last week’s one. So, with that out of the way…. Everyone has there own tricks for beating their Social Anxiety. And why wouldn’t they? What will work for one person, might not be as effective for someone…

Causes of Child Anxiety Attacks

Childhood anxiety, just like that of adults, is a normal, healthy emotion, that’s felt as a response to certain stimuli. But when anxiety becomes recurring, irrational and intense, it may be considered to be a disorder. Recurring episodes of anxiety attacks can disable the child from performing their duties at school and at home. Although…

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