What we know

According to research by David T. Neal, Wendy Wood, and Jeffrey M. Quinn of
Duke University, approximately 45% of everyday behaviours are actually habits.

Our habits (or our Routine Choices) define our lives. If we have a helpful habit, our lives will be a little bit better. If we have an unhelpful habit, our lives will be a little bit worse.

It makes sense then, that if we have a lot of good habits, our lives would be much better. And if we could reduce, or remove our bad habits, our lives wouldn’t suck as much 🙂

dna imageAfter years of scientific study, I’m here to tell you unsurprising news. Change your habits and change your life!


The information on this site is based on science. But, I hope to use that science, to provide you with practical tips and ideas.

Repeatedly doing small, seemingly inconsequential things each day, can and will lead you into a fulfilling and ultimately more powerful and successful life.

As with everything, sometimes, the smallest of actions can make the biggest difference, after all, just learning about something doesn’t make it work. Improvements to your life can only happen if you take action!

How I’m going to help


On this site, We’ll delve into the reasons why we do what we do, why sometimes, we should be doing the things we initially don’t want to do and the most painless ways to do them. We’ll discuss a multitude of simple ways you can improve your life and I’ll give you practical tips and tools to achieve them.

The subjects covered might seem a bit random, but hey! life’s random. So whether it’s weight loss that’s a problem for you, low self-esteem, procrastination, or any of the thousands of things that can upset your life, I’ll do the best I can to help.

And remember, all of the information is based on scientific research and practical application.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re struggling at the moment and you think I may be able to help with a specific problem. Alternatively, I’m always excited to hear about how you’re succeeding in spite of the constant battles and I’m always willing to listen if you have a story that you’d like to share, or if you have an insight that can help other people.

If you have a story you’d like to share, you can contact me using the Contact page and we’ll have a chat 🙂

Wishing you every success,


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